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Kove Xpress(XPD™) L3-4 Storage

Die Kove® Corporation wurde 2004 mit dem Schwerpunkt auf den Aufbau hochwertiger Technologien, mit Betonung auf sehr leistungsstarke High Performance Storage gegründet. Kove® hat eine Erfolgsbilanz von Produkten die "einfach funktionieren" und Kunden aus aller Welt, die dies bestätigen werden. Zudem gehört die Firma mit Ihren Produkten zu den momentanen Weltrekord-Haltern in Sachen IOPS, Latenz und Bandbreite.

Xpress Disk XPD L2 Storage
XPD™ L2 Datenblatt
XPD™ L3-4 Datenblatt new

Kove® XPD™ Storage delivers the lowest latency, highest IOPS, and highest bandwidth I/O in the world. The performance includes full round-trip I/O.

The Kove®XPD® L3-4 delivers performance I/O across the spectrum: reads at 47 GB/sec bandwidth (at <5 µs latency and <100 ns variance), 53+ million IOPS (at <3 µs latency and <100 ns variance), or 360K IOPS (at <2.7 µs and <30 ns variance). Or ingest (write) at > 32 GB/s or > 1.9 TB/min. All performance is sustained and de-terministic: XPD® L3-4’s do just as well in customer testing as in workhorse performance lasting years at a time under load. And performance doesn’t change because of age, usage, load, profile, capacity, or any other factor. Some vendors “tune” product performance for 4K blocks, or optimize for access pattern, and then perform poorly when using 512-byte or 1MB blocks, or sequential or random I/O. Kove® XPD® L3-4’s deliver consistent performance across the I/O spectrum without qualification. They just work — faster. Apps just work — better. This is the value of deterministic and concurrent I/O, the next new. Run faster, longer, better, reduce core count, drop licensing fees, reduce energy footprint, save more money, make more money. Let design drive profitability.

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Capacity 128GB — 6TB per unit, mesh connectable for larger capacities
Bandwidth Up to 47 GB/sec (<5 µs latency, lt;100 ns variance), sustained (world record)
IOPS Up to 53 million(lt;3 µs latency, lt;100 ns variance), sustained (world record)
Response Time <2.7 µs, random, consistent, & sustainable for any time duration (world record)
Instant Copy 6.7 PB/sec (Fibre Channel) – no disruption during operation (world record)
Management Connectivity 10/100/1000 Ethernet twisted pair, 4 ports
Volumes Up to 256
Disk Drives Up to 24 SAS
   Fibre Channel:

2,4,8 Gbps
   Fibre Channel:
Up to 16 ports
Up to 16 ports
Management HTTPS, Command Line via SSH, SNMP and syslog, Phone home, customer selectable
Data Protection Multiple modes for de-staging data from RAM onto persistent media Integrated instant copying Integrated monitoring logic for system health management and UPS
Uninterruptible Power Supply Standard. The Kove® XPD L3-4 tightly integrates with standard UPS, bringing unit down gracefully if ever necessary. Integration with centralized UPS infrastructure available in many contexts.
Hot Swappable Disk drives, power supplies
Power Up to 1100 watts, 4 redundant power supplies. USA UL listed, FCC; Canada CUL listed; Germany TUV Certified; EN 60950/IEC 60950 - Compliant; CB Report; CCC Certification.
Warranty World-wide support under contract: on-site next day to 2-hour on-site same day same day.

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